World Class Team

We want to change the way medicines are discovered and developed.

Dr. Abraham Heifets
CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Izhar Wallach
CTO, Co-Founder

Dr. Bastiaan Bergman
Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. Denzil Bernard
Senior Scientist

Jasna Delic
Partnering Executive

Dr. Greg Friedland
Principal Software Engineer

Dr. Dave Kielpinski
Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. Christian Laggner
Senior Scientist

Dr. Han Lim
VP and Global Head of Partnering

Dr. Michael Mysinger
Principal Scientist

Dr. Kong Nguyen
Principal Scientist

Dr. Sara Omlid
Partnering Executive

Steph Rosenbloom
Executive Assistant & Operations Manager

Dr. Andrea Rossi
Principal Scientist

Dr. Stefan Schrödl
Principal Machine Learning Scientist

Dr. Kate Stafford
Senior Scientist

Dr. Adrian Stecula

About Atomwise

Since 2012, AtomNet has been deployed to help invent new potential medicines for more than 50 disease targets. We work with leading research groups at top organizations including Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Duke University, Scripps Research Institute, and several large pharmaceutical companies, to advance the frontier of human health. 

Come change the way medicines are discovered.