AIMS Awards Program

What is the AIMS Awards program?

The Artificial Intelligence Molecular Screen (AIMS) Awards program, started in 2017, was designed to support promising researchers with resources to help advance their work. AIMS Awards supported research focused on finding solutions for complex human and nonhuman health conditions. Over five years, Atomwise funded 7 rounds of AIMS Awards, receiving over 1800 applications from nearly 500 academic institutions in over 60 different countries.

Completing over 300 collaborative projects, the AIMS program demonstrated that the AI technology developed at Atomwise can indeed identify hits and add value to drug discovery programs across all protein families. Having met this objective, the program was ended in 2022.

Through the AIMS program, Atomwise contributed both AI technology and physical molecules to labs across the world while our collaborators contributed their deep biological knowledge and expertise in physically assessing compound activity. Together we accelerated research and established new drug discovery programs. Researchers do not always have access to the tools needed to translate their discoveries into new medicines, agricultural tools, and molecular probes. The goal of the AIMS program was to broaden the pool of scientists involved in the discovery of small molecules for the treatment and investigation of disease.

The AIMS program was critical in establishing Atomwise’s AI-enabled discovery engine and has demonstrated the ability to find hits in over 70% of projects across a wide variety of protein types, including multiple “hard to drug” targets.

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AIMS Awards Success Stories

Read success stories of researchers, just like you, who have accelerated their research with the AIMS Awards program. You can read more stories on our blog.

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