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Learn about our award-winning AtomNet® technology.

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We Are Reinventing Small Molecule Drug Discovery

We tackle the most challenging, seemingly impossible targets and streamline the drug discovery process to give drug developers more shots on goal.

Our Approach is Differentiated from Other Computational Drug Discovery Methods

Ability to Drug Poorly Categorized Targets

  • No crystal structure required
  • No local ligand training data required

Ability to Interrogate Vast Chemical Space

  • Computational efficiency enables screening of trillions of compounds in silico, increasing the likelihood of success
  • Demonstrated exquisite model accuracy, overcoming the challenge of false positives

Scalable Discovery Engine

  • Global model used across all targets
  • Rapidly scalable and industrialized discovery process

Network Effects Drive Model Predictability

  • Continued generation and integration of training data drives enhanced global model predictability
  • Team of ML scientists constantly evolving algorithms as we generate more robust data sets

First Application of AI/ML to Molecular Recognition

We leverage similar technology that is used for image recognition to help medicinal chemists to discover better medicines, faster.

Since then, our award-winning AtomNet® technology has been used to find small molecule hits for more undruggable targets than any other AI drug discovery platform.

Best in Class Engineering Architecture and Tools

The AtomNet® platform is built with industry-leading tools for AI and ML technology that enable massive scale and unprecedented speed needed to create a deep and broad pipeline of drugs to improve human health.

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