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At Atomwise, we're pushing the boundaries of both machine learning and drug discovery, training machines on problems from the most innovative scientists in the world

Bastiaan Bergman

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Making A Difference

We’re at a critical time in history where our need for new kinds of medicines is greater than any time in human memory. Fortunately, we can leverage advancing technology and scientific breakthroughs to accelerate discovery. New data, new algorithms, new compute platforms lift all of us, enable our work on the hardest of problems, empower us to invent and create, and ultimately make the world a better place.

Great Benefits

We offer comprehensive benefits: full medical, dental and vision coverage, tax-advantaged FSA, support for individual professional development, commuter benefit accounts, and 401(k).

Flexible Time Off

We hire people that we trust to get their work done. If you need to take time off, do it. We want you to keep a work-life balance.

Great Colleagues

Being the smartest person in the room gets old. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, come work with the brightest minds on hard problems.

Tools for Success

All the coffee, healthy snacks and junk food you can eat and drink. We’ll help you set up your ideal workstation and customized IT equipment.

Solve Meaningful Problems

We work on what matters: problems that impact human health and the environment. With a long term view, we’re not put off by the challenge. 

Well Funded

Funded by DCVC, Bayer, B Capital, Draper, Khosla Ventures, and Y Combinator. We have resources to develop cutting edge AI for chemistry. 

Learn About our Teams

Our machine learning team is solving the hardest and most meaningful problems in modern machine learning to discover new medicines.  We invent new algorithms and model classes for extrapolation under non-stationary distributions, accuracy with extremely unbalanced classes, and robustness to systematically skewed and biased training data.

Our cheminformatics team brings together people with experience in software, data science, chemistry and biology to build the most accurate predictive models, the biggest and cleanest datasets, and the most precise and nuanced benchmarks for drug discovery.

Our software engineering team is delivering practical impactful machine learning at scale.  Atomwise completed the biggest chemical analysis for drug discovery in human history – testing over 12 billion molecules to find the best potential cure – and we need your help to scale up a few more orders of magnitude.

Our multidisciplinary group of scientists comprises the most prolific drug design team in the world. We use machine learning to tackle more projects, with more research collaborators, on a wider diversity of diseases, across more countries, with a higher success rate than any other team in the world.

Our partnering team has scaled the impact of our technology across every disease area and major medicinal research effort in the world.  Our team has pioneered new ways to partner with researchers in 40 countries and has democratized access to machine learning for drug discovery.

Our operations team enables the collaborative and supportive culture that defines working at Atomwise.  Our team designs experiences, spaces, and processes that foster our high performance academic culture and strengthen our communication, alignment, and camaraderie as Atomwise scales.

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