Research Partnerships

We offer academic, government, and non-profit research institutes the power of our AI expertise to solve chemistry problems and discover new drugs.

Translating Discoveries to Drug Development Programs

Atomwise has a growing portfolio of joint venture companies developing novel drugs, some founded from projects with our academic collaborations with the most market potential and ability to address an unmet therapeutic need. We work with academic researchers, technology transfer offices, and university venture partners around the world using our AI technology to find the next generation of potentially lifesaving new drugs.

The Theia Biosciences joint venture between Atomwise, Inc. and UC Riverside Professor John Jefferson Perry will initially focus on the unmet medical need of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The vAirus joint venture aims to use Atomwise’s AtomNet® technology and Dr. Panganiban’s expertise in RNA viruses to develop broad-spectrum antiviral drugs.

University Partnerships

We work with universities globally in partnership with tech transfer offices, departments, and research labs to start the path towards commercializing compounds showing significant market and therapeutic potential.

We Partner Globally with Leading Researchers

To date, we have formed over 250 partnerships with top universities and research institutes around the world, many generating joint IP in the resulting compounds, and we have addressed over 600 unique targets for collaboration across every major area of disease.


Democratizing Access to AI for Drug Discovery

Through our AIMS Awards Program hundreds of researchers have applied and been selected for fast and no-cost access to our cutting edge AtomNet® technology to accelerate their research. Over 6 rounds of our AIMS Awards Program, we have selected over 775 unique drug discovery projects, and have advanced the most promising projects for further development and commercialization.

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AIMS Awards Success Stories

Read success stories of researchers around the world who have accelerated their research with the AIMS Awards program. You can read more stories on our blog.

We collaborate with universities around the world to turn discoveries into new ways to treat disease.

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