Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery

We design new molecules for the hardest targets. Our discoveries help our partners create better medicines faster.

Academic Awards Program

The AIMS Award program, started in 2017, is designed to support promising researchers with resources that will help advance their work. AIMS Awards target research focused on finding solutions for complex human and nonhuman health conditions. To date, Atomwise has funded 5 rounds of AIMS Awards, completing over 100 collaborative projects and accepting over 775 projects into the program.

Collaborate with us to find novel active compounds for your protein target of interest! Our AIMS Awards program provides non-profit researchers with virtual screening and compounds for physical testing at no cost.

AIMS Statistics

Atomwise in the News

Atomwise sign in office

Atomwise Raises $123 Million in Series B Financing

The round was co-led by B Capital Group and Sanabil Investments. The new financing will enable Atomwise to further scale the largest artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery portfolio in history and expand $5 billion+ deal pipeline for small molecule drug discovery.

Atomwise grant funding announcement from the Gates Foundation

Atomwise Receives a $2.3M Grant to Develop New Therapies for Drug Resistant Malaria and Tuberculosis

The $2.3M in grant funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will support the development of multiple global health programs to advance novel antimalarial and anti-tuberculosis small molecule therapies in collaboration with the foundation’s global network.

Our team of medicinal chemists, structural biologists,
and machine learning experts are world class.

Left: An untreated EAE mouse. Right: An EAE mouse treated with an Atomwise-predicted small molecule therapy.

Computing new treatment for multiple sclerosis

We were able to inhibit a protein-protein interaction in the central nervous system for a multiple sclerosis project, with a molecule that is orally active in mouse models at 3 nM/g. 

Working to Fight an Epidemic

Ebola virus’ high lethality has left thousands orphaned since 1976. From a field of thousands of approved medicines, Atomwise discovered a drug candidate with no previous antiviral application that blocked Ebola infectivity across virus strains from multiple epidemics.

Powered by AtomNet Technology

AtomNet is the first deep learning neural network for structure based drug design and discovery. Its speed and accuracy make it the most advanced technology for small molecule binding affinity prediction.

Visualization of AtomNet searching for small molecules to bind to the human ROCK2 kinase.