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Our growing portfolio of joint venture companies pursuing AI-based drug discovery with the Atomwise discovery engine provides new opportunities for licensing and investment.

Fueling Innovation with AI-based Drug Discovery

The synergy of the biology exploration by our partners and chemical exploration with our AtomNet® technology creates discoveries that will advance therapies for disease areas with unmet needs.

A2i Therapeutics
A2i Therapeutics is a joint venture with FutuRx developing novel small molecule agents for immuno-oncology, funded by J&J, Takeda Ventures, OrbiMed, Leaps by Bayer and the Israeli Innovation Authority.
OrganAi seeks to develop novel drugs for rare diseases by leveraging our AtomNet® technology and StemoniX's clinically translatable human iPSC-derived neurospheroids in high-throughput format.
Theia Biosciences
The Theia Biosciences joint venture between Atomwise, Inc. and UC Riverside Professor John Jefferson Perry will initially focus on the unmet medical need of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
The vAIrus joint venture aims to use Atomwise’s AtomNet® technology and Dr. Panganiban’s expertise in RNA viruses to develop broad-spectrum antiviral drugs against related viruses.
The Atomwise-Velocity Pharmaceutical Development joint venture has initiated five development programs in areas of high medical need including cancer, autoimmune diseases, and clotting disorders.
The Atomwise-Atropos joint venture aims to use the AtomNet® technology and the Atropos senescence platform to develop novel drugs for aging (senosuppressors) and oncology applications (senostimulators).
The Atomwise-SEngine joint venture aims to use the AtomNet® technology and SEngine’s proprietary CLIA certified PARIS® Test platform to discover and advance a pipeline of Precision Oncology drugs.
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