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Atomwise has partnered with the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agrochemical companies to transform drug discovery.

Delivering Value to Our Partners by Transforming Drug Discovery Together

Atomwise unlocks the potential of challenging targets by opening up access to billions of compounds to help our partners discover novel, potent and selective compounds. Our team of world-class medicinal chemists closely collaborates with our partners at every step of the drug discovery process from hit identification to lead optimization and candidate selection. Our partners benefit from the power of Atomwise’s AI technology to identify diverse hits among billions of compounds, to increase potency and selectivity of hit scaffolds, and to provide optionality and guidance during lead optimization.

Featured Partners

Atomwise Is Dedicated to the Success of Our Partners

Crop protection research is enhanced by data science. We’re encouraged by what we have seen in the early stages of discovery and look forward to what this extended collaboration will bring.

Axel Trautwein, PhD
SVP, Head of Small Molecules at Bayer AG, R&D, Crop Science Division

We are really impressed by Atomwise’s capability to deliver potential candidates. Our expanded partnership will accelerate major initiatives to discover innovative medicines for patients.

Rudi Bao, M.D. Ph.D.
SVP of Hansoh R&D

Our partnership with Atomwise will give us a competitive edge to build and expand an innovative first-in-class portfolio, upon our rich experience in Pellino-1 inhibitor development.

James Jungkue Lee
Founder & CEO, Bridge Biotherapeutics

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